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A competition for partial funding of youth non-government organization projects
26 february, 2013 17:34

The Ministry of Youth and Sports announces the admission of projects related to the following directions guided by the Chapter 2 Article 10 of the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan about “partial funding of youth non-government organization projects matching the main directions of the youth policy” of the Board of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Azerbaijan:

  • Promotion of the beneficial use of information technologies by young people;
  • Organizing the efficient use youth leisure;
  • Expanding youth international cooperation and exchange;
  • Applying informal educational methodologies among youth;
  • Maintaining the intellectual level of youth and working with creative youth;
  • Social and psychological services for youth;
  • Participation of the private sector in forming corporate social responsibility policy about youth.

Subparagraphs related to the implementation of the State Program about “the Youth of Azerbaijan in 2011-2015”:

  • 6.2.3. Projects related to the recognition of the national heroes of Azerbaijan and young people who demonstrated great courage in the fights for our territorial integrity;
  • 6.2.6. Meetings, conferences, round table discussions, mass cultural and other events and TV projects about urgent issues of the patriotic and civil upbringing of the youth, producing animation films and cartoons on patriotic topics;
  • 6.2.7. Organizing intellectual games, competitions, Olympiads and festivals that promote the language, history, culture and art of Azerbaijan;
  • 6.2.9. Increasing respect for national symbols among youth;
  • 6.2.12. Preparing visual aids and campaign materials with patriotic enlightenment and promotion character;
  • 6.3.7. Providing interactive information resources about modern careers, the most needed professions and choice of profession and mobile and distant information-consulting services about youth career choices;
  • 6.3.11. Providing trainings about internet journalism;
  • 6.4.6. Helping with the employment of young people in orphanages;
  • 6.5.9. Encouraging young people to volunteering activities;
  • 6.6.2. Widely promoting healthy lifestyle through mass physical education and sports among young people;
  • 6.6.6. Measures for the rehabilitation of young people who have left penitentiary institutions;
  • 6.8.1. Increasing cooperation with youth programs of international and regional organizations.

 You can obtain instructions about the format and budget preparation of the project from the Ministry of Youth and Sports official website ( or by sending your query to the below address.

The projects must be presented to the Expert-Advisory Board of the Ministry in hard copy and soft copy in a CD format from February 25 to March 19, 2003.

The Ministry of Youth and Sports Work Sector with Youth Organizations

Olympic street, 4 AZ1072

Contact persons: Fuad Babayev, Ramil Mammadov

Telephone: 465 84 19


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