Published:12/28/2017 3:30 PM

Xetai rayonunda “İslam həmrəyliyi və multikultural dəyərlər tolerantlığın əsasıdır” rəsm sərgi-müsabiqəsinə yekun vurulmuşdur

The exhibition and contest "Islamic solidarity and multicultural values are the basis of tolerance" held within the framework of the "Year of Islamic Solidarity" and organized by the Khatai Executive Power, the Azerbaijan State Art Gallery, the Khatai Municipality, the Khatai Department of Youth and Sports and the Khatai Art Center.
The Head of the Department of Public Policy and Humanitarian Affairs of the Khatai Executive Power Panah Imanov said at the meeting that multiculturalism and tolerance is not just a campaign in our country. It has historically been a lifestyle of the Azerbaijan people and today it has become a daily life of every citizen of Azerbaijan, irrespective of nationality, language and religion. 
The speaker noted that this event is a vivid example of multiculturalism and tolerance in our country and noted that the children and adolescents, who are the future of the Azerbaijan art, have expressed their sincere feelings towards other peoples, ethnicities, cultures, and the language of warm colours. Every piece of art that has been demonstrated in this exhibition is a confirmation of tolerance and multiculturalism, which is already in the heart of Azerbaijan younger generation.
The official part of the event has been ended with the presentation of certificates and honorary decrees to the young artists, who differed in the contest.
Then, the participants of the event watched the works of the young artists.