Published:4/21/2017 5:55 PM

The First Vice President Mehriban Aliyeva held the final session of the Organizing Committee of the IV Islamic Solidarity Games

The First Vice President of the Azerbaijan Republic Mehriban Aliyeva held the final session of the Organizing Committee of the IV Islamic Solidarity Games on April 21, 2017. 
The Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the IV Islamic Solidarity Games Mehriban Aliyeva gave a speech at the meeting.
- Dear participants of the event.
Less than a month leaves for the official opening of the IV Islamic Solidarity Games and today we held the final meeting of the Organizing Committee. We need to be sure that our capital is ready for the opening and holding of the Games and all the necessary measures have been taken.
Azerbaijan is an integral part of the Muslim world. Azerbaijan creates the relations with the Muslim countries based on fellowship, mutual respect and made a great progress in this area.
Our country is known all over the world as a sporting country. The support of the government to the sport development and the Olympic movement is recognized by the whole world community and is very much appreciated.
It is expected the participation of 3,000 athletes from 57 countries in the Islamic Games. These figures are a record itself because up to day the participation of so many countries in the Islamic Solidarity Games has never been observed.
Athletes will compete in 23 kinds of sports at 16 sports venues during 10 days. It is expected the presentation of 1600 medals in the end of the Games. The competitions will be highlighted by more than 1,000 media representatives. 
The role of the volunteers have a special place in the Games. We all remember how our young people has been demonstrated a nice, capable and professional job during the European Games. This has been emphasized by the international and local organizations. More than 8 thousand volunteers are taking part in the Islamic Solidarity Games and I am confident that this time the young people will demonstrate their patriotism, professionalism, hospitality, skills and intelligence.
So far, the Organizing Committee have been taken many measures for the successful holding of the Games and, in general, we can say that our city is ready for the opening of the Games.
As I mentioned, this is our last meeting. We must make sure that all issues are being fully and carefully approached and our country is ready to host the Games. 
Then, the Minister of Youth and Sports, the Chief Executive Director of the Operating Committee of the Islamic Solidarity Games Azad Rahimov, the Minister of Internal Affairs Ramil Usubov, the Chief of the Special State Protection Service Vagif Akhundov, the Minister of Culture and Tourism Abulfez Qarayev, the Director General  of the Baku Transport Agency Vusal Kerimli spoke about the work done.