Director name: Əzizov Teyyub Agayar oğlu
Address: Bakı şəhəri, Təbriz küşəsi, 19a AZ-1008
Phone: (050) 372-61-96, (055) 838-84-83

Azerbaijan Kyokushinkaikan Contact Karate Federation

The Azerbaijan Kyokusinkaykan Karate Federation was established on July 7, 1994 by Azizov Teyub Aghayar oglu. On August 23, 1995 it was registered by the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Ministry of Justice. In December 1995, it was registered by the International Karate Organization (Kyokushinkaikan-Shokey Matsui). Teyub Azizov was appointed the official representative (Branjif). In those years the Federation held dozens of international and national tournaments, the national cups and championships. At that time, dozens of Baku championships, 7 times the championship among soldiers, and once the South Caucasus championship were conducted. Worldwide the Kyokushinkai Karate is divided into many organizations. Since 2007, the Azerbaijan Kyokushinkaikan Karate Federation has become an official member of the International Kyokushinkay Karate Federation. Hereupon, the further development of the Azerbaijan Kyokushinkaikan Karate Federation started. Since 2008, the Federation has held the World Cup; it conducted the Absolute World Championship in 2009, and the World Championship by weight in 2013. Currently, the Federation unites 23 surrounding regions and 25 sports clubs.
The main activity of the Federation is to develop the Kyokushinkai Karate in Azerbaijan. To organize training camps on Kyokushinkai Karate, assist in the improvement of skills of young athletes, promote healthy lifestyle among young people. To hold various courses and seminars, round table, meetings, and other cultural and mass events. To freely disseminate information on the objectives and activities, establish print media in the manner prescribed by the legislation. To cooperate with the relevant governmental and municipal authorities of the Republic of Azerbaijan. To establish branches in Azerbaijan and abroad.