Date: 2/27/2020 4:30 PM
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The international forum of the Islamic countries' volunteers has been held in Baku

The international forum of the Islamic volunteers of the Ministry of Youth and Sports was held in Baku on February 27 within the framework of the "Year of Volunteers."

The purpose of the forum is to promote greater volunteerism among the young people, the development of this movement and the expansion of international cooperation among the young people.

Speaking at the event attended by up to 80 delegates from forty-two countries, Youth and Sports Minister Azad Rahimov said the volunteer movement has more than 100 years history.

The Minister stressed that Azerbaijan is one of the countries that supports high level of volunteering. In 2009, the Law on Volunteerism was adopted. Today, the number of volunteers in our country is growing rapidly. Volunteers actively participate in various international events.