Published:1/11/2019 11:50 AM

"January 20th is our bloody memory!"

The Ismayilli Department of Youth and Sports and the Ismayilli Education Department organised the event "January 20th is our bloody memory!" was carried out at the Ismayilli Youth Center on January 11, 2019. 
Taleh Salehov, Chief of Ismayilli department of Youth and Sports, welcomed the participants and informed them about the history of the January 20th tragedy.
The results of the drawing contest, with 36 pupils from 18 schools, were announced on the basis of the inspection commission's opinion.
A pupil of the Gushenja village secondary school Israilova Banovshe won the 1st place. A pupil of the secondary school N. 6 Aliyev Seymour took the 2nd position. A pupil of the Buynuz village secondary school Yagubova Rabia got the 3rd place.