Published:7/11/2019 3:46 PM

The Narimanov district’s youth took an active part in a new project

In order to make Baku more beautiful the Baku City Executive Power implements a new project in Baku - the most modern concept of solid waste collection, transportation and sorting. In this regard, a contract with the well-known UK Company Mott MacDonald, which has extensive experience in this field, was initially launched in the Narimanov district as a trial.

The main stage of the Concept has already begun. Due to this, new modern types of containers are being installed in the municipal waste areas.

Built-in containers are in 2 colors - green and orange. The orange container will contain paper, cardboard, glass, metal and plastic waste and the green one the other waste. For the convenience of the residents, two types of green and orange sorting packages were distributed in each apartment at the initial stage.

More than 100 active young people of the Narimanov district participated in the distribution of packages to citizens.