Date: 2013 October 21

The speech by Mr. Azad Rahimov, Minister of Youth and Sport at UN Security Council Conference

Dear friends, dear attendees of the event,
I am proud to welcome all of you in this hall.
I believe that holding the international model UN Security Council conference in Baku  will become an important and interesting event for the Azerbaijani youth. 
Honorable United Nations Secretary General's Envoy on Youth,
Distiguished Ministers, Dear guests and participants of the first Baku International Model UN Security Council conference!
We are extremely glad to have the opportunity to host the Model UN Conference dedicated to ''Cyber Security'' in Baku and welcome you all here!
As we all know, the development of the Information Technologies and constant increase of the role of the information flow in our lives brought us to the era called ''Information age''. Modern technologies made the expansion to all the fields of the daily life and shaped the modern society the way it is now: knowledge based and technology addicted. According to some definitions, the Information Age is the period beginning in the last quarter of 20th century when information became easily accessible through publications and through the manipulation of information by computers and computer networks. This definition perfectly demonstrates both the advantage of this era, which is easy access to any sort of information, and risk, which, I strongly believe, is the manipulation of it. Namely this characteristics of the Information Age raises such issues as protection of personal information, cyber crime and cyber security.
Nowadays 'Cyber Security' turns into the real danger and urgent topic of the current international discussions as well as comes the priority for the national politics worlwide. Leading experts together with the top business represantatives and government officials are in search of the effective preventive measures which could be applied to make the information exchange secure at all levels and in all fields, including industry and manufacture, bank systems, navigation, telecommunication and, obviously, protection of personal data.
From this standpoint, the opportunity given by the first Baku International Model UN Security Council Conference to 45 young nationals of the current UN Security Council member states is crucial and promising. During several days, young representatives of 15 states will assume the role of the ambassadors of their countries, learn to deal with the local international crises, face the challange of coming to consensus on certain issues and in paralel develop their research, negotuation and diplomatic skills. In other words, awareness of the participants on cyber security and related topics will increase dramatically; they will also getter understanding of the international relations and processes going around the world. I find this experience extremely valuable as these young people are those who will make the international politics tomorrow, they are the furure leaders.
I also believe that the enhanced program of this Model UN Conference will influence the minds and motivate the youth for even more action to promote cyber security principles among the young generation. It also provides huge platform for sharing experience and culture, establishing partnerships and defining the right messages to convey.
Dear guests,
The Ministry of Youth and Sport of the Republic of Azerbaijan jointly with UNDP Azerbaijan came up with the idea of hosting the first Baku Model UN Security Council Conference due to the fact that two years ago our country was selected the member of the United Nations Security Council what is a historically significant page in the history of the independent Azerbaijan. Moreover, this October Azerbaijan is presiding in the UN Security Council. Being a relatively small country, we feel honored of being trusted by the international community and having the chance to make our contribution to the international collective security.
I believe that the first Baku Model UN Security Council Conference will become a valuable and distinctive part of this contribution.
Have fruitful discussions! Thank you for your attention!