Date: 2011 August 26

Azad Rahimov: "I've experienced unforgettable feelings during the rowers’ performance"

The Youth and Sports Minister Azad Rahimov met with Azerbaijani national rowing team.
The recalls that Valentin Demyanenko and Sergey Bezugliy-Maksim Prokopenko pair won four medals in the recently held world rowing championship, as well as two Olympic licenses for the London 2012 Olympic Games.
The meeting was also attended by the President of the Azerbaijani National Rowing Federation Elchin Zeynalov.
Azad Rahimov in his speech said: "I congratulate you with this great success. This year, you won 18 medals and obtained two licenses. Now we can see a great breakthrough in the sport discipline which has not pleased us in the past. This once again shows that a professional approach should be given to any sport discipline, innovations that occur constantly should be studied.
We are looking forward to the success of our academic rowing team. I agree with the idea to create a base also in Baku. Due to large-scale construction works which are currently underway in Baku boulevard, it is difficult to find a place for the rowing base. However, there are certain plans. Let's hope that we will be able to implement them and arrange the base in the territory of Bayil, at least temporarily. If there are too many people engaged in rowing in Mingachevir, look, how many children will deal with this sport in Baku."
President of the Federation Elchin Zeynalov added to the above mentioned:
"Our federation was founded in 2007, and we achieved great success in this short period of time. This year, in the competitions held among both adults and young people we won 18 medals. Last year, the "Kur" base was opened. As a result, the conditions for athletes have been improved and probably that is why we could achieve today's success.
Unfortunately, there is no base in Baku. I hope that medals and licenses we have won, will contribute to the improvement of conditions in the capital. In May, the licenses for the European Championship will be played. We will try to win these licenses as well."
The coach of the Azerbaijani kayak and canoe national team Aleksandr Kolibelnikov shortly expressed his thought:
"This year, there was no disruption to our work. Everything went according to plan. I hope that it will be the case next year. We, in turn, will try to surprise everyone with our success in the coming year."