Director name: Əsgərov Cahangir Cəlal oğlu
Address: Bakı şəhəri, Azadlıq prospekti 11 AZ-1095
Phone: 012-409-01-54; 012-459-55-30

Azerbaijan Weightlifting Federation

The main tasks of the Azerbaijan Weightlifting Federation

The AWF's main tasks are as follows:

  1. Development of weightlifting in the country.
  2. Strengthening the public health, the effect of physical education and comprehensive harmonious development.
  3. Improvement of the high-level athletes training system, preparation of reserve forces.
  4. Ensuring the successful performance of the national team of Azerbaijan in the Olympic Games, World and European championships and other international competitions.
  5. Development and strengthening the relations with Foreign National Federations, the International Weightlifting Federation and other international sports organizations.
  6. Protection of rights and interests of the weightlifting athletes, coaches and other specialists, taking care of weightlifting sport veterans.
  7. Carrying out the wide organizational activities aimed at inadmissibility of dopings, muscle pills and other medicines prohibited in the sport of weightlifting; fighting against anti-sport cases; ensuring the conformance with moral and ethical rules.
  8. Saving, expansion and improvement of the material-and-technical base of weightlifting.
  9. Rendering assistance to weightlifting clubs and sections operating in cities and regions.
  10. Popularizing and promoting the sport of weightlifting among the country’s population.
  11. Rendering public services in the field of physical education and sports.