President: Abdullayev Rövnəq İbrahim oğlu
Address: Bakı şəhəri, Nobel prospekti, 2208 AZ-1025
Phone: 012-404-27-77/78/79/80

The Association of Football Federations of Azerbaijan


  • The Association holds events for the promotion and development of football, involves the population in the mass football tournaments.
  • It popularizes this sport together with club, center and other organizations developing and spreading football, unites them on a voluntary and mutual agreement base for the purpose of further development
  • Through the wide promotional and organizational work among young people and teenagers it spreads this and other sports, and creates a worthy reserve.
  • Establishes and expands relations with the relevant national and foreign clubs and teams, organizes and holds competitions and tournaments.
  • Prepares qualified coaches, instructors, highly-qualified athletes, and ensures their successful performance in the international competitions.