President: Əliyeva Mehriban Arif qızı
Address: Bakı şəhəri, H.Əliyev prospekti, 108 AZ-1072
Phone: 012-493-30-11, 012-598-40-82

Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation

The full name of the Federation is "the Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation" Public Association, the abbreviated name is AGF. In the course of activities AGF adopts the principle, goals and objectives of the Olympic movement, acting in close cooperation with the National Olympic Committee and the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Azerbaijan. AGF cooperates with the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the sports organizations on the issues of physical culture and attraction of the population to healthy lifestyle on a mass scale, staff training, formation of national teams and their participation in international competitions and training camp. AGF develops and strengthens international relations with the sports organizations of foreign countries within its competence. Currently, AWF includes 7 gymnastics disciplines recognized by the International Gymnastics Federation:

  • Rhythmic gymnastics (Olympic sport)
  • Men's artistic gymnastics (Olympic sport)
  • Women's artistic gymnastics (Olympic sport)
  • Acrobatic Gymnastics (non-Olympic sport)
  • Aerobic gymnastics (non-Olympic sport)
  • Gymnastics for everybody (non-competitive sport)
  • Trampoline gymnastics (individual Olympic trampoline sport)

AGF's responsibilities include:

  • To develop and promote gymnastics disciplines
  • To create national teams on gymnastics disciplines within its authority and ensure their participation in international competitions
  • To improve the system of training for high-level athletes
  • To participate in the creation of conditions for social protection of athletes, coaches and other professionals who works in this field, take care of gymnastics veterans
  • To elaborate standards for different gymnastics disciplines taking into account the guidelines approved by the International Gymnastics Federation
  • To fight against the use of doping in sport and (or) methods of its use, as well as against discrimination and acts of violence
  • To elaborate norms and requirements for different gymnastics disciplines, as well as the standards for the relevant categories of sports judges in order the Republic of Azerbaijan to be included in the Unified Sports Classification.

AGF provides support to the development of children and youth sports, activities of sports schools, Olympic reserve schools and the Olympic centers. AGF may be a member of international sports organizations, exercise rights and duties not contradicting to the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The supreme governing body of the AGF is the General Assembly. During the period between the meetings of the General Assembly the federation's activities are headed by the Executive Committee. Individuals who are the members of the Executive Committee are elected for five years by the General Assembly. Executive Committee reports to the General Assembly.

The composition of the Executive Committee is as follows:

  • AWF President - Chairman of the Executive Committee
  • AWF Vice President - Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee
  • 3 members of the Executive Committee

The Federation President (Chairman of the Executive Committee) leads the meetings of the Executive Committee in accordance with the authorities arising from the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the AGF Statute.