Director name: Məmmədov Etibar Əhməd oğlu
Address: Bakı şəhəri, Olimpiya küçəsi, 4 AZ-1072
Phone: 050-777-42-42, 055-871-32-24

Azerbaijan Dance Sport Federation

The Azerbaijan Dance Sport Federation  has been operating since 1993, and contributes to the development of this sport in the country after the admission to the International Dance Sport Federation (WDSF) as a temporary member in 1998. Over these years, dance duets have successfully represented Azerbaijan in the international tournaments, at world and European championships. Of particular note are successes of a dance couple of Eldar Jafarov and Anna Sazhina, who took 5th place at the dance Eurovision in 2007, and became the world champions in 10 dances among professionals in 2014. Azerbaijani dance couples have achieved successes in the semi-finals of the World champions among the younger age groups. Azerbaijani couples repeatedly won the Caucasus Cup annually held in Tbilisi. The ADSF jointly with the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Head Administration of Youth and Sports of Baku holds championships, cup competitions and tournaments in Azerbaijan and its cities, as well as international dance sport tournaments such as "Bahariyya", " Lights of Baku", "Chinar Cup", "Aypara Cup". Nowadays, 10 dance clubs, studios and dance schools operate in the composition of the ADSF. During the years of the ADSF operation three judges have obtained a category of internationally certified judge, and it is of great significance for international policy pursued by the ADSF. The Federation activity is aimed at the development of the dance sport in the country with the attraction of a large amount of children and teenagers; it holds workshops, master classes, contests and competitions to improve the level of coaches and athletes in the dance sport; organizes concerts and dance thematic events to promote presentable participation of dancers and athletes in various dance festivals, world and European championships, and international dance sport tournaments, folk dances, contemporary and social dances.


  1. The primary objective of the association is the elaboration and implementation of various projects for the purpose of promotion and development of the dance sport in the Republic of Azerbaijan.


  1. To achieve the objectives the association shall carry out the following tasks:
  • Organizing the national and international tournaments in the Republic;
  • Representing the interests in the municipal, national and international competitions;
  • Organizing the training camps and physical education works;
  • Cooperation with the dance sport federations, associations, clubs, and other organizations operating in foreign countries, and implementation of joint projects with them;
  • Implementation of other projects not prohibited by the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan.


  1. To carry out the tasks provided for in this Statute, the association:
  • conducts scientific researches, organizes various courses and seminars, round tables, meetings and exhibitions, holds conferences, charitable marathons, forums and other events;
  • freely disseminates information about the objectives and activities, establishes print media in the manner prescribed by the legislation;
  • cooperates with the relevant governmental agencies and municipalities of the Republic of Azerbaijan;
  • uses other working forms and methods not prohibited by the legal acts of the Republic of Azerbaijan.