Director name: Heydərov Natiq Heydər oğlu
Address: Bakı şəhəri, Məlikməmməd küçəsi, 17 AZ-1052
Phone: (050) 310-99-11

Azerbaijan Kyokushin Karate Federation

The objective, duties and rights.

  1. Active participation in the reorganization of physical education and sports movement in the country through the strengthening healthy social forces.
  2. Conducting the intellectual and ideological training of the population along with an effective physical training in accordance with the teachings of Kyokushin Karate, and carrying out the upbringing work in the system of physical culture and sports as a kind of martial arts on the basis of such development
  3. Popularizing Kyokushin Karate together with an infrastructure of established independent clubs and centers which develop and spread this sport, and uniting them on a voluntary basis for the purpose of further development
  4. Ensuring the creation and improvement of a personnel training system to get the staff of qualified coaches, instructors, physicians and athletes; organization of the competition process, preparation of highly qualified athletes and their successful performance in the international arena
  5. Preparing the individual insurance policies for athletes and general insurance policies for teams, and taking part in their signing, assistance in the ensuring their pensions.
  6. Conclusion of contracts with athletes for their participation in the federation teams and clubs.
  7. Conclusion of contracts with the organizations holding the competitions of commercial nature for the participation of athletes in these competitions.
  8. Performance of works on the construction and operation of sports facilities.
  9. Development of international sport and strengthening the relations with national federations and relevant international organizations.
  10. Resolving ethical problems in the field of development of Kyokushin Karate within its authorities.
  11. Legal and social protection of the Federation members' rights and interests.
  12. To achieve the objectives, the Federation:

12.1.                     Reveals, studies and applies a positive experience and useful initiatives aimed at the improvement of conditions for the development of this sport in the Republic;

12.2.                     Holds the national Kyokushin Karate competitions among the national clubs;

12.3.                     Conducts mass lectures, performance-based promotions, demonstrative performances, competitions, organizes exhibitions of methodological materials and applied sports products;

12.4.                     Elaborates and prepares methodological recommendations, concludes contracts and forms temporary creative collectives to promote the sports innovations;

12.5.                     Carries out publishing activity aimed at achieve the goals and objectives of the Federation.

12.6.                     Organizes courses for the improvement of qualification and certification of coaches, instructors, athletes and referees;

12.7.                     Participates in the preparation of the national team of Azerbaijan for the participation in official sports events.

12.8.                     Represents the Republic of Azerbaijan in the relevant sports organizations;

  1. Elaborates special programs and projects for the development of Kyokushin Karate and submits them to various organizations.

13.1.                     Acquires and leases Joint Enterprises, cooperatives, buildings, and other facilities related to the Federation activities in the Republic of Azerbaijan and abroad in the prescribed manner;

13.2.                     Performs the financial-economic and foreign-economic activity in the prescribed manner.

13.3.                     Organizes advertising the sports equipment, inventory, clothes and attributes

13.4.                     Organizes various sports events together with the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

13.5.                     Is engaged in other activities not contrary to the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan.