President: Rəhimov İlqar Elxan oğlu
Address: Azərbaycan/Bakı, Xətai Rayonu Süleyman Vəzirov Küçəsi 11E AZ-1025
Phone: (012) 490-29-93

Azerbaijan National Paralympic Committee

Goals and Objectives:
The main purpose of the ANPC is to support the International Paralympic movement through the development and strengthening the Paralympic movement in the Republic of Azerbaijan.
In order to achieve the objectives the ANPC performs the following tasks:
The organization of preparation and successful participation of national teams in the Paralympic Games;
Holding the national championships, tournaments and competitions in the Paralympic sports;
Strengthening and improvement of the position of disabled Azerbaijani athletes in an international scale;
Physical and moral education and rehabilitation of disabled people, children and youth through their physical education and sports;
Submission of petitions to the governmental bodies for granting the titles of honor to Paralympic athletes, their coaches and judges, and the committee’s employees;
Elaboration of proposals and programs of the physical education and sport training for persons with disabilities, and submission to the governmental bodies and other organizations.
To carry out the tasks provided for in the Statute, the ANPC:
Organizes and holds various courses and seminars, round tables, meetings and exhibitions;
Freely disseminates information about the objectives and activities, establishes print media in the manner prescribed by the legislation; 
Cooperates with the relevant governmental agencies of the Republic of Azerbaijan and international organizations;
Ensures keeping the membership register within thirty days after the state registration of the ANPC;
The ANPC cannot participate in the elections to the Milli Majlis (the National Assembly) and municipalities of the Republic of Azerbaijan