Director name: Səfərəıiyev Kür Məcid oğlu
Address: Bakı şəhəri, Bəşir Səfəroğlu küçəsi, 134 AZ-1009
Phone: (012) 596-27-06, (050) 329-90-53
Website: Yoxdur

Azerbaijan Federation of Motorcycle Sport

The Federation holds events for the promotion and development of the motorcycle sport, involves the population in the mass competitions in this area for the purposes of motorcycle sport and tourism.
Develops the motorcycle sport, popularizes this sport together with club, center and other organizations which spread it, on a voluntary and mutual agreement base for the purpose of further development.
Through the wide promotional and organizational work among young people and teenagers it spreads this and other sports, and creates a worthy reserve.
Establishes and expands relations with the relevant national and foreign clubs and teams, organizes and holds competitions and tournaments..
Prepares qualified coaches, instructors, highly-qualified athletes, and ensures their successful performance in the international competitions.
Ensures the legal and social protection of the Federation members.
Ensures the advertisement of the sponsors’ products and brands during the national and international competitions.
Exercises entrepreneurial activity for the purposes of the statute in the manner prescribed by law.
Carries out multidirectional activity not prohibited by the legislation in this and other areas. It carries out activity requiring special permission after obtaining a license from the relevant governmental body.