President: Məmmədov Fazil Əsəd oğlu
Address: Bakı şəhəri, H.Əliyev prospekti, 2a
Phone: 012-511-53-34, 012-566-72-18, 012-566-74-31

Azerbaijan Field Hockey Federation

Fields of Activities of the Azerbaijan Field Hockey Federation are:
1. Development of the field hockey in the Republic of Azerbaijan, strengthening its role in the upbringing and harmonious development of personality, patriotic education of athletes, good attitude and respect for each other in sporting competitions 
2. Improvement of training system for the cultivation of highly skilled athletes, ensuring their successful performance in the international competitions
3. Establishment of close relations with national federations of foreign countries for the development and strengthening of international competitions 
4. Promotion and agitation for the wide spread of the field hockey among the population of the Republic of Azerbaijan
5. Protection of social rights of the field hockey veterans, coaches and players 
6. Approval of candidatures of well-known, distinguished hockey players, coaches and other officials nominated for the government and other awards
7. Elaboration and implementation of program for the future development of the field hockey in the Republic of Azerbaijan 
8. Elaboration of rules of conducting the championship of the Republic of Azerbaijan, national championship and international competitions, and control over their observance
9. Organizing and holding the national championships and international competitions with the participation of the club and national teams
10. Appointment of the national team coaches
11. Creating the system of advanced training of coaches and other field hockey experts
12. Establishment of the print media of the Federation 
13. Preparation of document for athletes and coaches to work abroad on the contractual basis, and creating conditions for recruitment
14. Determination and approval of the composition of the group of delegates and individuals to participate in the Olympic Games, Asian Games, World and European championships and other international competitions 
15. Representation of the AFHF interests in the International sports organizations and taking an active part in their work 
16. Control over the work of coaches and teachers at the Children’s and Youth Sports Schools and masters teams