Director name: Cəfərov Qənbər Məhərrəm oğlu
Address: Bakı şəhəri, Olimpiya küçəsi, 4 AZ-1072
Phone: (050) 358-70-64

Azerbaijan GalaGAPI (Go) Federation

The "Azerbaijan QalaGAPI (Go) Federation" public union is a voluntary non-governmental organization operating mainly in the field of the comprehensive development of QalaGAPI (Go) sport in the Republic of Azerbaijan. In the course of activities the Federation rests on the Constitution, laws and other normative-legal acts of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and the Statute.
The Federation cooperates with the Ministry of Youth and Sport of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the National Olympic Committee and other sports organizations to provide the implementation of the principles of the Olympic movement, and takes an active part in the involvement of the population in physical education through the promotion of galagapı (go) sport in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan, preparation of the relevant personnel, skillful sports specialists in this field, formation of national galagapı (go) teams and their high-level training, their regular participation in the World and European "GO" championships, as well as other international galagapı (go) trainings, exchanges of experience, camps and competitions. 
The Federation emphasizes indispensable role of an ancient national people's game of galagapı (go) being the pearl of the Eastern culture in the formation of the way of thinking meeting the contemporary requirements at the children, teenagers and young people, encourages the development of the mind sport known as go ("GO") in the international scale. In this sense, the Federation following the famous Olympic motto "From tradition to mass, from the mass to mastery" is the guarant of elaboration and implementation of the "Concept of the future development of the national galagapı (go) sport" to make a successful start of the Azerbaijani galagapi players in the International Olympic competitions in the area of mind sports.
The Federation fights against doping in sports, and is guided by this principal during and after the sports competitions and other sporting and mass participation events.