Date: 2013 November 05

"Let's dance Yalli - promote our Flag"

On November 5, 2013 the "Let's dance Yalli - promote our Flag" project was implemented by the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Azerbaijan Student Youth Organizations' Union " on the occasion of “November 9 - National Flag Day". 

The purpose of the event was to further strengthen the young people's sense of citizenship and respect for national symbols, to instill the importance of our flag in the traditions of statehood. For this purpose, 6,000 flag-dressed students have created the form of the "Azerbaijan" and "Azerbaijani Flag" words in Azerbaijani language, and then the "Flaq Day" words in English, and sung the national anthem in the Flag Square. In addition to the local media, the flash mob was also broadcasted via the "Euronews" TV channel. The distribution of pre-prepared visual aids reflecting the image of flag among young people, in particular among foreign visitors has been successfully performed as a continuation of this project.