Activity areas

The state support for talented young people is one of the priorities of the state youth policy. The works done in this area comprise the revelation of creative and talented youth, formation of a favorable environment for the development of their creative abilities, as well as holding the complex events for the effective organization of their leisure. The work with creative and talented youth is being carried out in parallel in several directions.

Various cultural and educational events - festivals, exhibitions, competitions are held on a regular basis in the field of revelation of young people talented in the fields of science, education, culture and art, individual work with them and improvement of their level of professionalism. To improve the targeting and effectiveness of state support for talented and creative young people, the preference is given to events such as interchange of creative achievements of young people in the field of culture and art, master classes and art review, special attention is paid to the identification of the creative young people’s problems and the ways of their solution.

The issues of increasing the interest and involvement of youth in science, identifying the young scientists’ abilities and promotion of their scientific activities are constantly being in the center of attention. For this purpose, regular national and international conferences, forums and meetings are held.
New awards are established to assess the talented young people’s work and to create incentives for them; every year, the talented and creative young people who have achieved success in various creative fields are rewarded.

To establish cultural ties between young people, international events covering various areas are held regularly in the country, international exchange of talented young people and young scientists is supported, the participation in international events is ensured.

Support for the intellectual development of young people, promoting intellectual games among them – improvement of intellectual level and horizon of young people, stimulation of their mental development is one of the main targets. A number of events are held to develop the intellectual movement in the country and create the conditions for young people to join an international intellectual movement. For this purpose, various intellectual games are promoted among young people, national and international championships, competitions, tournaments in the traditional games are organized, intellectual clubs are established in various regions of the republic.

Effective organisation of young people’s leisure - Events aimed at the stimulation of young people's creativity and intellectual development at the same time play an important role in the organization of their leisure. To catch the interest of young people in spending their free time to personal development, various TV projects are prepared and aired on local television. Herewith, to effectively organize leisure, seasonal camps for teenagers and youth are organized, young people are provided with the participation in local and international camps.