Date: 2017 February 02

February 2 is celebrated as the Azerbaijani Youth Day

February 2 is celebrated as the Azerbaijani Youth Day in the country. Just on this day in 1996, the Ist forum of Azerbaijani youth was held for the first time in the independent Republic of Azerbaijan at the initiative of national leader Heydar Aliyev. February 2, the day of holding the Forum which gave an impetus to the youth movement and the implementation of state youth policy in the country, was announced the Azerbaijani Youth Day.

Every year, on the occasion of the Azerbaijani Youth Day widely celebrated in the country, the Ministry of Youth and Sports together with the Departments for Youth and Sports at places holds various events, meetings, exhibitions, holiday concerts with the participation of young people. At the same time, to evaluate the work of young people who have achieved great success in various fields and to provide additional incentives for the development of the creative potential of talented young people and improvement their professional level, talented and creative young people are awarded by the Ministry. The award is granted to young people who have achieved success in science, education, culture, art and social life of the country. From 1999 – the year of establishment to the present day, more than 500 young people have been honored to this traditional award.

On February 5, 2014, at the next awarding ceremony 25 creative and talented young people who distinguished themselves in various contests, concerts, exhibitions, festivals, Olympiads, competitions and games held in the Republic in the main fields of the state youth policy, as well as those achieved the highest scores in international events were awarded:

  • Starchuk Maksim Lvovich - architect
  • Abbasov Mursal Telman oglu - artist
  • Mustafayeva Rugiya Elchin gizi - architect 
  • Sharifov Matin Abdulali oglu - artist
  • Seyidova Jeyla Uran gizi - violinist 
  • Shikhiyev Tofig Shikhi oglu - pianist 
  • Alili Gultaj Muzaffar gizi - actress
  • Mammadov Murad Mammad oglu - actor
  • Piriyev Emin Sabir oglu - poet
  • Karimova Aysel Suleyman gizi - poetess 
  • Alasgarova Gulnara Vahid gizi - cook 
  • Ashurov Agha Farhad oglu - cook
  • Aliyev Fikret Vahid oglu - young scientist 
  • Khalilova Khuraman Nusrat gizi - young scientists
  • Sirajov Nusrat Najmaddin oglu - young scientist
  • Aliyev Farid Nazi oglu - architect
  • Amirkhanli Amina Sajaddin gizi - pupil
  • Sattarova Ulker Eldar gizi - young scientist 
  • Amiraslanov Nariman Sabir oglu - pianist 
  • Kazimov Agshin Nasraddin oglu - artist
  • Samadli Soltan Bayram oglu - tar player
  • Nasrullayev Ibrahim Ismayil oglu - vocalist
  • Hasanov Yasin Etibar oglu - vocalist
  • Narimanova Aysel Vugar gizi - singer
  • Hasanov Farid Munasib oglu – singer

In 2013, a number of youth and student organizations distinguished by social activities and successfully implemented projects were awarded diplomas of the Ministry of Youth and Sports:

  • "Great Silk Way" International Youth Union
  • Young Lawyers Association
  • "Bright Tomorrow Children and Youth Organization" Public Union
  • "Young Caspian Engineers” Public Union
  • Azerbaijan Volunteers’ Public Union
  • "Azerbaijani Students and Alumni International Forum” Public Union
  • Student Youth Organization of the Azerbaijan State Economic University
  • Student Youth Organization of the Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction
  • Student Youth Organization of the Azerbaijan Technical University
  • Student Youth Organization of the Mingachevir Polytechnic Institute
  • Student Youth Organization of the Azerbaijan Financial and Economic College