Date: 2014 May 26

Young scientists from around the world came together in Baku

In recent years, improvement of the effectiveness of researches conducted in the country in various fields of science and adequate representation of the Azerbaijani science in the world scientific space became a necessity. Just for this reason, attention to the establishment of effective cooperation between the young Azerbaijani scientists and those from around the world, creating conditions for joint scientific researches, and integration of the Azerbaijani scientists in the global research environment has been increased. Holding the World Forum of Yound Scientists "New challenges in the world science: joint approaches of young scientists" in Baku has become one of the successful steps undertaken in this field. The Forum was organized and held on May 26-31, 2014 jointly by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, the Azerbaijan National Commission for UNESCO, the "Eurodoc" European Council for Junior Researchers, and the Azerbaijan Young Scientists, Postgraduate and Masters Union.

The first proposal related to holding the World Forum of Yound Scientists in Baku was sounded in May 2013, in the Baku International  Forum of Young European Scholars conducted within the framework of the 90th anniversary of Azerbaijani national leader Heydar Aliyev. The forum was attended by 172 people from 32 European countries. 1,100 applications from 96 countries were received in connection with participation in the World Forum, and on the basis of selection about 400 young scientists took part in the event. In the Young Scientists Forum the chairman of the UNESCO’s General Conference, Director of the China National Commission for UNESCO and the China’s Vice- Minister for Education Hao Ping, president of the Academy of Sciences and Arts of Montenegro Momir Djurovich, President of the Barcelona Academy of Sciences Jaime Gil Aluja, and other officials, professors and experts took part as well.

On May 27, the Forum opening ceremony was held at the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences. At the opening, the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev’s letter of congratulations to the forum participants was heard. After the speeches of state officials participating in the event, those of other speakers invited from abroad were heard in 3 parallel sessions. According to the program, on the next day the forum proceeded with the discussions in these sections. 

  • “Technical sciences as the basis of the modern innovation systems” (technical sciences)
  • “Natural processes on the basis of a new technology creation” (medicine, biology and chemistry)
  • “Interdisciplinary approach in earth, agrarian and environmental investigations” (ecology, earth and agriculture)
  • “Economy and sociology as the combination of the successful development of the global society” (economy and sociology)
  • “Problems of the social-humanitarian sciences in modern world” (history, philosophy and culture)

Each of the foreign scientists participating in the forum was given the opportunity to perform with scientific article or lecture. The special 2-volume collection of scientific articles was published and distributed among the participants.

Thereon, the forum important in terms of the development of cooperation and partnership relations between representatives of various countries and fields of science, exchange of experiences and ideas, and establishment of new contacts successfully finished its work.