Date: 2014 January 01

The "Brain Ring" TV projects continue

Every year, the "Brain Ring" intellectual game TV projects are organized jointly by the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Azerbaijan Intellectual Clubs Association in two seasons. These TV projects are carried out with the purpose of involvement of youth in the intellectual movement and rational organization of their leisure.

In spring and autumn seasons of 2014, 59 teams from 16 regions of the country took part in the shoots.

In 2014, a new TV project "The international brain ring tournament for the Azerbaijani Prezident’s Cup" was released as well. In the tournament, the national teams from the United States, Germany, Belarus, Georgia, Israel, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Russia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine and Azerbaijan competed. Along with the national team, our country was represented in the tournament by the 2013 "Brain Ring" National Championship winner - the "Inner City" team. In 2012, the "Brain Ring" World Cup winner - the Russian national team took the 1st place.