Date: 2014 October 24

Our entrepreneurship activities - (Enactus)

In 2005, Azerbaijan joined the "SIFE - Enactus" program and in 2006, was granted the right to participate in the World Cup competitions. Around 40 countries, more than 1,600 higher education institutions and about 50,000 students worldwide have joined the "Enactus" program. It should be noted that the "Enactus" program is a platform created for young people to conduct business negotiations in the field of business and education.

On May 30-31, 2014 the IX national competition was conducted within the international program with the presentation of 30 projects implemented by 11 student teams.

The aim of the national competition within the "Enactus" program is to involve the youth in the entrepreneurship activities, promote the idea of free entrepreneurship among students, develop their organizational, leadership and teamwork skills. The program's social significance is to improve people's lives and living standards, render support in the young people's employment and change people's lives for the better through the power of business.

The teams participating in the competition were divided into 2 leagues and started the fight for victory. The jury composed of reputable and experienced experts representing government and businesses has chosen the winning team based on the "innovative approach, social effect of projects, protection of environmental standards, observance of business ethics, financial management, gift of speech," and other criteria.
The "Enactus" team from the Nakhchivan State University with the university projects "Bee milk", "Herba Us" and "Piezoelectric elements" was announced the winner of 2014.

The Azerbaijani team was sent to the World Cup competitions held on October 22-24, 2014 in Beijing, the capital of China. Our team managed to successfully compete in the same group with the teams from India, Puerto Rico, and Egypt. The Puerto Rico team who became the winner in our group managed to rise up to the final and was third in the World Cup competitions. The team from the North China Electric Power University became the World Cup winner.