Date: 2014 January 19

"Innocent victims"

The premiere of the theater performance ordered by the Ministry of Youth and Sports and put on stage by the Baku Children's Theater was demonstrated on May 19, 2014 at the Azerbaijan State Theater of Young Spectators. The performance is devoted to human trafficking which is one the global problems of our times.

The performance is built based on the "Mafia" game which is popular among young people. The events run inside the game throughout the whole performance. Young people come together and play the "Mafia", and unwittingly become victims of mafia engaged in the human trafficking. Some of those taken abroad are subjected to physical and sexual abuse having deluded themselves through the curtain of high income or marriage, another ones become the victims of organ transplantation. But who is the builder of all these games? Who manages the mafia? Who can unmask the mafia? What should young people know about human trafficking? All these questions are answered in the performance.