Date: 2017 March 07

A contest "Become a volunteer in Europe" has been announced for the young people who want to participate in the seminars

A seminar "Become a volunteer in Europe" within the framework of the Azerbaijan Voluntary Service and supported with the National Council of Youth Organizations, the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the European Commission's Erasmus + program will be implemented on March 15, 2017. 
The international trainer of the “SALTO Youth” Resource Center Natalia Nikitina will conduct the seminar carried out within the framework of the international voluntary exchange program for the young people in the European Voluntary Service (European Voluntary Service - EVS) in order to raise awareness about volunteering opportunities.
The following themes will be discussed in the "Become a volunteer in Europe" seminar:
- What is the international voluntary;
- How can become a volunteer in Europe;
- The terms of being a volunteer in Europe;
- The advantages of the European Voluntary Service;
- The financial support of the European Voluntary Service Program;
- What is the Azerbaijan Voluntary Service;
- How can join the Azerbaijan Voluntary Service.

The seminar participants must meet the following criteria:
Young people between the ages of 17-29;
Knowledge of English should be at least at the "intermediate" level.

Date: March 15, 2017, 15: 00-17: 30
Venue: Youth House 
The working language of the seminar: English
Number of participants: 30
Registration deadline: March 13, 2017
Sign up for participation in the seminar: